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Psychology Services in Cartagena, Torrevieja and Alicante

How can we help you?

Therapy for childs and adolescents

We treat all types of psychological disorders of children and adolescents: hyperactivity, language disorders, anxiety…

Therapy for adults

Stress and anxiety, phobias, obsessions, addictions, eating disorders, bereavement, fibromyalgia, sexual dysfunctions…

Therapy for couple

We help couples resolve their conflicts and keep good communication between them.

Therapy for seniors

We apply life-review therapy in older people mostly as a treatment for depression.

Online Therapy

We offer this option to people who cannot visit our offices.

Welcome to Bonnet Psychologists

We have more than 15 years of experience dedicated to improving people’s psychological health and well-being. We use therapies with demonstrated evidence according to each problem. This is converted into a highly effective result, where each treatment is adjusted to the person.

We are recognized as a sanitary consultation by the General Direction of Sanitary Ordination and Regulation.

Our Team

Héctor Peraza

Nº COL: MU-02047


Master in clinical and Health Psychology.


Therapist EMDR, level II.


Specialist in psychological and forensic evaluation.


Member of the behavior therapy group of the University of Murcia.

María Teresa Aguirre

Nº COL: CV-09298


Master in clinical and Health Psychology.


Specialist in Humanistic Therapy.


Specialist in Child and Couple Therapy.


My wife, began her therapy sessions with Hector in May 2013 having been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2008, whilst living in the UK. TreatmentHector was professional from the outset and explained his methodology very clearly. He also made her feel at ease and therefor she trusted him giving her the confidence to express her innermost feelings. Furthermore, because English was his second language he spoke clearly and checked that she understood what he was saying.His approach to therapy included individual self-help exercises. This enable my wife to put in place strategies that helped her to resolve problems in a calm and measured way. The discussions often included myself (her husband) so that I was able to support her in an informed manner. Facilities The waiting room was comfortable and tranquil, with a private area designated as the treatment room. The rooms were painted in relaxing colours with subtle pictures to create a calming atmosphere. Punctuality Hector’s timekeeping was always exemplary. He made a point of comingout of his office to greet us and welcome us into the surgery.


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If you want to book an appointment or have any doubt write us or call us. You can also make your query through our contact form. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Our offices:


Plaza San Agustín, 11, entlo, puerta 8
30201 Cartagena (Murcia)


Av. Salamanca, nº 35
03005 – Alicante


C/ Gabriel Miró, nº51, Entresuelo
03180 Torrevieja (Alicante)